Consonant Blends Practice

Beginning English learners have a tough time with blends in general. That’s why I dedicated an entire section of “I Want To Learn English” to focus on consonant blends. It is an articulation activity that can be stretched out and morphed to include word definitions and conversation starters. Of all the activities in the textbook, this is one teachers tend to get a lot of mileage out of. For example, on one class, there were both Spanish and Portuguese speakers that learned their languages shared many similarities in words from this lesson. Even the teacher learned a great deal as nearly an hour of instruction time had gone by before they even got to the conversation piece. If you haven’t ordered your copy of “I Want To Learn English” to use with your beginner English learners, make it a point to order one asap by clicking HERE. And be sure to have students use this video for additional practice.

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