Prepositions of Time

In section 26.1 of the textbook, we focus on three prepositions of time: at, in, on and from_to. This video follows the lesson from the book, but adds a quiz-like element which challenges English learners and helps them retain the rules. The completion of the sentences are timed, which presents another challenge to motivate learners to be more reactive in responses. Leave us a comment and tell us how it works with your class.

Consonant Blends Practice

Beginning English learners have a tough time with blends in general. That’s why I dedicated an entire section of “I Want To Learn English” to focus on consonant blends. It is an articulation activity that can be stretched out and morphed to include word definitions and conversation starters. Of all the activities in the textbook, this is one teachers tend to get a lot of mileage out of. For example, on one class, there were both Spanish and Portuguese speakers that learned their languages shared many similarities in words from this lesson. Even the teacher learned a great deal as nearly an hour of instruction time had gone by before they even got to the conversation piece. If you haven’t ordered your copy of “I Want To Learn English” to use with your beginner English learners, make it a point to order one asap by clicking HERE. And be sure to have students use this video for additional practice.

Article in Colorín Colorado

I get to share some of the things I learned as an ESL teacher. There have been some hard lessons, but after more than 20 years in this line of work, there are some realizations I wish I had known in the beginning. I share 7 of this bits of ELL teacher wisdom in the article published in Colorín Colorado. Take a look and if you want to add any of your own advice, feel free to leave a comment. Click HERE to read the article.

TESOL International Convention 2017

In 2016, I went to the TESOL Convention in Baltimore, Maryland because it was in my neck of the woods and there was much networking to do. For all intents and purposes, my time there was well spent. And though I met so many people and made some very good connections, a part of me longed to be included in the presenters circle. Well, this year, I get my chance.

I put the notice out a few months ago that I will be presenting my research at TESOL 2017 and certainly I am quite excited about that. Just having my proposal accepted is an honor in itself, but I know there is a lot of more work that needs to be done. The interest in furthering research into the effects of infusing phonics with contextual instruction for adult and secondary learners is growing. This presentation is something I hope will generate even more interest from other professionals in the field and join me in collecting more data and adding to the conversation. If you are going to the TESOL International Convention in Seattle, please come to my session. Thank you.

The 30 Days Song

IWTLE will host all of its audio contents on PodBean. This will make access to the audio tracks that correspond to the textbook much easier with phone apps and free download options. We are nearing the official launch of the textbook. Check out this sample.

The 30 Day Song

Do you know how many days are in each month? Well, here’s a fun way to remember. Sing along.

30 days has September, April, June and November.

The rest have 31 days, you see, except February.