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Our #1 Seller, the original “I Want To Learn English” student textbook. Perhaps the most effective Level 1 English learning textbook in the world. This textbook stratifies the acquisition of English into four units of phonics: vowels, digraphs, consonant blends and diphthongs. This textbook has been recognized and embraced by the ELL international community. Try this textbook with beginner English learners and you’ll never go back to any others.

<<< FOR KIDS >>>

Blake’s Secret (Grade level: 6, Flesch-Kincaid Level: 4.3). Blake Trevor is the coolest senior in high school, but he has a secret. A rival student, Doug Magee, finds out his guarded secret and threatens to expose him unless Blake agrees to help him become popular. Blake agrees, and this works for a time, but eventually Blake outsmarts Doug and ruins his popularity while getting himself out of the arrangement with Doug. But there is a twist and it is in that twist kids are most divided about. The moral issues, the school environment, the necessity of lies and concealment, the sympathy for the guilty parties, all are elements of “Blake’s Secret” put into 1700 words in page chunks with close reading activities, room at the top and bottom of the pages for annotation (a feature not found in any other reader books) discussion and comprehension questions throughout the book, thought-provoking graphics and after-reading activities that complete the experience for students in a classroom setting. All this in 24 color-glossy pages. A GREAT resource for ESL teachers. Get your copy from Amazon –>> click HERE!
 Sara Shines (The Sequel to “Blake’s Secret”): Grade Level 6, Flesch-Kincaid Level: 4. Sara McGovern will do anything to be the most popular girl in school. She manipulates Blake Trevor, Eastern High’s all-star at everything, but finds herself in way over her head when Blake decides to rid her from the “in crowd.” This story is the sequel to “Blake’s Secret,” and is designed for ESL and general education students who need to build their literacy skills in a 3200 word story about kids in high school who try to fit in with people that put up walls at every turn. Readers will question what centers people and what motivates others in their need to belong to particular groups. This book features wonderful illustrations, page by page activities, and a plethora of close reading questioning, including pre-reading and after-reading comprehension questions. Available on Amazong–> click HERE!
Lost Childress (Children’s Book): For ages 3-5. Childress Duck is lost. He’s trying to find the lake by the forest. But the neighborhood cat, Beals, tries to trick Childress. Who will come to Childress’s rescue? Click HERE to see the video!

<<< SCI-FI >>>

Frankenstein” was written by 18 year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. This remarkable tale begins in the icy North Pole, where Victor Frankenstein tells a British explorer his unbelievable story centered on a monster created from dead body parts. Though the product of arduous labor, Victor becomes repulsed by his creation. The creature is ultimately rejected, and he disappears, only to bring about doom to those his creator loves dearly. What ensues is perhaps one of the most gripping and influential horror stories over the last 200 years since its original publication. Click —>>> HERE to get a copy on Amazon.
An invading Martian race is a classic motif of science-fiction stories for over 100 years. In “The War of the Worlds,” Martians terrorize England in an effort to take over the planet. The aliens ruthlessly destroy everything in their path in their horrifying tripod machines and leave permeating toxic gases in their wake. The people of the world face insurmountable challenges and the bleak prospect of a complete annihilation of human rule over the Earth.War of the Worlds has inspired everything from radio dramas to blockbuster Hollywood films. It is the original sci-fi thriller and a must-have for all sci-fi enthusiasts. >>>Get your copy from Amazon today HERE.
Black Amazon of Mars by Leigh Brackett (Sci-Fi). Black Amazon of Mars features an alpha female character that begins as an antagonist, but later as an ally of one Eric John Stark. Stark is trying to take his friend Camar to his birthplace, Kushat, in the north of Mars to die. Unfortunately Camar dies before they can get there from a bullet wound he received trying to save Stark. He gives Stark a talisman to take to the City of Kushat beyond which lies the Gates of Death. This is not just any talisman as Stark soon discovers there is a power from this ornament that was created to save the people of Mars from extinction. Get your copy from Amazon today HERE.

<<< CLASSICS >>>

In Our Time” is a collection of colorful vignettes which illustrate the nuance of Hemingway’s “theory of omission” style which implies a richer story than what appears in the actual text. This collection clearly demonstrates his pedagogical flare, as readers will find his prose as complex as it is simple to appreciate. This short book teaches us to respect the sensitivity of language and pay close attention to the details and their inferences. Click HERE to purchase on Amazon. Click HERE for the ebook edition.
The Great Gatsby” embodies the American spirit and the pursuit of happiness through the flaunting of wealth. Jay Gatsby rises from obscurity to become a mythic figure in the socialite society of Long Island, New York. Despite the lavish exterior, a core of complex characters engage in excess and recklessness, all longing for the unobtainable. “The Great Gatsby” poignantly illustrates the essence of being super rich and the ease in which humanity rots. Click HERE to get your copy from Amazon (Canada)!