News and Updates

Through some contacts I have with the AFT, the Huffington Post expressed interest in publishing my views on DACA based on a speech I gave in DC back in January. It is likely I will contribute more in the weeks to come. You can view the opinion piece here. Please share. Thanks!


I will be presenting my research findings at the WATESOL Mini-Conference on March 4th at the Carlos Rosario School (Harvard Street Campus). For many area TESOL members who will not be attending the International Conference in Seattle, this is a chance for them to catch some of the presentations from those of us that will be going to be in Seattle that are also from this area. It is also a chance for me to meet more teachers in the MD-VA-DC area that are interested in learning more about using phonics with adults. For more information, please visit


At Baltimore City Community College, their publication “BCCC Daily News” published a story on me and my textbook in spring 2016. Even though I saw the write-up, I didn’t actually have a copy of it until now. So I am posting it here for anyone interested in reading what BCCC had to say about the textbook and me.



On January 14, 2017, I was asked to speak at the #HereToStay rally to mobilize an effort to protect immigrants and other minority groups from the threatening political climate of the incoming presidential administration. I am sharing my short speech in an effort to bring awareness of a movement to dismantle DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the deportation of millions of immigrants in the United States.


TESOL International is having their annual conference in March 2017 in Seattle, WA at the Washington State Convention Center. I will conducting a presentation on my research findings on correlations between teaching phonics to adult ELLs and gains in phonemic awareness. My session, titled “Phonemic Awareness and Literacy: Using Phonics with Adult ELLs,” will be on Wednesday, March 22 at 11:30 AM–12:15 PM in room Yakima 2. Please stop in and participate, as I am certain you will come away with some very useful information.



I presented at the Maryland TESOL Conference on November 12th, 2016 at Howard Community College. The Session titled “Phonemic Awareness and Literacy: Teaching Phonics to Adults” was an enormous success and it was standing room only in the room. Many instructors and others requested the power point presentation. For all those interested and could not attend the conference, feel free to download the power point and email any questions you may have.Thank you for your interest!



A short video on how to get the IWTLE audio tracks on your smartphone or tablet is now online. Please check out the video.



The term “teacherpreneur” has been circulating as of late, and one Patrice Palmer has been at the center of it. Patrice has taken an interest in “I Want To Learn English” and interviewed me for her teacherpreneur series. Click on here to read about this project and find out a little more about teacherpreneurs.